Paatuwaqatsi – Water is Life Run and POD Water Filtration: Through a generous offer of Bucky Preston and Dr. Moe, they have offered two free water filtration systems that would go in the I’Taaki building and the administrative offices for the public to use. This is still an ongoing project and more to come!

Walpi Trails Rehabilitation: Currently due to erosion the trials into Upper Walpi Village have been damaged and are dangerous for tread or hiking, the Village of Walpi Maintenance department has operations underway to repair these affected trails.

World Monument Fund: The Village of Walpi had once reached out to the WMF for help with roof renovations. The Administration would like to continue working with this great opportunity to help revitalize the Village of Walpi in a traditional way of building techniques.

Tutskwat Oqawtoynani: This movement for the preservation of First Mesa and that of the village as a whole, is working to bring the First Mesa Villages together in a concentrated effort to, “Clean the Mesa from Top to Bottom”. In this effort we have four different dates set up for trash removal through in person meet up.

Dates for this Clean up opportunity are out!

April 23rd, June 25th, September 10th, and October 15th!!

Get the word out and lets get to work!