The Village of Walpi Mission Statement
The Village of Walpi believes in traditional and contemporary values that promotes the welfare,
growth and sustenance of its people, while protecting and preserving the cultural and natural
environment. The mission will be carried out with the spirit of Sumi’nangwa, Nami’nangwa, and
Kyapsti. To inspire, motivate, and transform desires into action. This mission is reality, and will
project an ideal and unique image of the future.
My name is Alan Chavez and as of January 3rd, 2022, I have recently become The Village of Walpi’s
new Community Service Administrator. My background in administration has been in the medical field, where I climbed the latter from Emergency Medical Technician, to working in a Radiology department to the Emergency Room.
I recently moved back home due to the need for an experienced work force to develop and aid our
communities. I have always wanted to work closely with my community here at home and, as I
moved back, I have worked with the election’s office and the executive director’s office, because I
needed to learn the workings of our government. I am here to seek out opportunities and
programs that can benefit community at large, and in an utmost importance to move forward with
many of the plans this administration has had in the works for too long.

As the year marks on I hope to begin construction on a Community Building for our elders and
youth. This building will have much potential for growth of our families and learning opportunities
for those continuing school. The building is planned to have a Museum, Full Kitchen, Program
room, Administrative offices, Workout equipment room, Computer room, and Restroom facilities.
In the continuing months we will begin operations of our laundry, cleaning services for chimneys,
continuation of our wood project, and installment of water filtration services on First Mesa. This is
only a small sample of what I would love to accomplish as this administration rolls on.

Further, with a full staff on board and new Office Manager Darian Poleyestewa and Office
Receptionist Maria Garcia we plan to move this office forward with all wheels on the ground.
Maintenance through Daylan Qotswisiwma whose projects include reaching out to organizations
for the redevelopment of Walpi Village, revitalization of damaged trails, and clean up of First Mesa.
The Youth and Senior program coordinator Lori Nuvayestewa will continue diligent effort to include
all that she has serviced with new and upcoming projects that will help enrich our communities.
Please do come by the offices if there is anything I have left out for more progress.

First Mesa Traditional Leadership
James Tewayguna

Darren Poleyestewa

Sam Tenakhongva