Community Building:
Multipurpose Community Building
The Village of Walpi

Background: The Village of Walpi is the most picturesque village on the easternmost sector of our
current Hopi Tutsqua (lands), which historically extended eastward as far as the Rio Grande River in
what is now called New Mexico. Our village boasts of a long and unique history and stands high in
its awesome glory which has continued to attract hundreds of visitors and tourists each year. It is
one of 11 Villages located across the Hopi Reservation. Along with sharing its natural beauty with
our global friends and neighbors, we, as an indigenous people, are also committed to protecting and preserving the surrounding cultural and natural environments so we can continue to share our
village with the world.

Mission: The Village of Walpi believes in traditional and contemporary values that promotes the
welfare, growth, and sustenance of its people, while protecting and preserving the cultural and
natural environment. The mission will be carried out with the spirit of Sumi’nangwa, Nami’nangwa,
and Kyapsti. To inspire, motivate and transform desires into action. This mission is reality and will
project an ideal and unique image of the future.

Purpose: The Village of Walpi has been without a multipurpose community building in all its time
as an administration. This building has been in the plans for many years with no production or
shovel ready proposals. The building will need, workout equipment room, programs room,
museum capacity, computer classroom, showers, bathroom, and changing room. The needs of the
building are for a full kitchen, storage, Five Administrative offices, with break room and storage.
The outer limits of the building can be made available for a playground, storage garage for vehicles,
tractor, cart, and our wood program/equipment.

Methods: The Tribe and the world are seeking new advances in power development such as wind
and solar power. These two advances can bring forth a more sustainable building and promote a
culture of progressiveness. Seeing as we are moving further from electric heating and cooling the
buildings use can be that of materials for keeping the building cool in the day and heated at night.
A traditional approach should be investigated as to increase the aesthetic look and not taking away
from the surrounding beauty. The number of windows should allow light to reflect into the
building as to not demand the need for constant power.

Benefit: The building will house that of the programs we are continuing and that of the programs
we would like to begin for as many of the low-income residents the Village of Walpi has and serves.
Such as, Classes in Hopi Language, Computer resume building, Scholarships for Walpi Members
here on the reservation, Elderly Program, Youth Programs, and above all a Museum to learn of our
Hopi culture. Through this building the Village of Walpi can begin and help those in the village apply
for programs, learn of educational programs, apply for scholarships, and apply for school from our
computer classroom.

Approach: This plan has been laid out to our Traditional Leadership in the form of letters and
multiple conversation over the years. It is in the best interest of the Polacca region, and not just of
the Village of Walpi. The Board of Directors see this mission, as a step in the direction of progress
and an extension into a much larger realm of aid to the people at large. The Village Administration
require more room as to provide much needed programing and outreach to the youth and elderly.
We see this building as becoming an emergency aid center for those experiencing weather, fire,
pandemic, or any situations where families need aid or help.

Village of Walpi Trails Project
Two trails along the South and North have become affected by erosion and due to damage, they
are dangerous for tread. There is a project with Hopi Cultural Preservation Office, Department of
Natural Resources, Walpi Maintenance, and Hopi Ancestral Lands that have plans for restoration
and repair of these trails. This is an ongoing project that sees implementation later this year as the
weather becomes calm and land geologic studies can be performed for the safety of the crews

First Mesa Walpi Village
There is a plan for restoration for The Village of Walpi dwellings as these are used in ceremonial
times and for housing needs. There are a number of projects for the repair and restoration of a
number of roofs that require new poles and rebuilt walls. The project will be in conjunction with
World Monument Fund for the resources needed for this project. There will be outreach into our
communities for volunteer opportunities of this effort. The roofs will be made to with stand those
standing on them to feel safe for the viewing of our ceremonies. The Village of Walpi
Administration see this as an opportunity to bring interested organizations together for the safety
of all who visit Hopi.