Village of Walpi Administration

Community Service Administrator: Alan D. Chavez

Office Manager: Darian Poleyestewa
“Lulma, nu Darian Poleyestewa yung pahan matsiwa. Pu pew Yoletsnima yung hopi matsiwa. Nu paqapwungwa. Nu Walnaqu. Puingnu Tressa Poleyestewa nuk ingna Darren Poleyestewa.
Greetings, my name is Darian Poleyestewa and I come from the village of Walpi. My clan is Bamboo. My parents are Darren and Tressa Poleyestewa. I’ve lived on the reservation most of my life and I was raised in a household that taught me how to balance Hopi and pahana life. From those teachings and opportunities, I was able to earn my associates and bachelor’s degree, both in the business field. Throughout my adult years I learned, still learning, the importance of our Hopi Sinom and how we must care for one another. Moving forward with that mindset, I wanted to use the skills I’ve gained to help and provide opportunities for our people. I thrive with working in a team environment because I believe it takes a team (community) to make things happen.”

Youth/Senior Program Coordinator: Lori Nuvayestewa
“Nu Talasvensi yan hopi’maatsiwa. Nu Lori Nuvayestewa pahan’maatsiwa. Nu lenwungwa. Nu’ Walnaq.” My name is Lori Nuvayestewa, and my Hopi name is Talasvensi. I am Flute clan from the village of Walpi. I have worked for the Village of Walpi for over 4 years as the Senior and Youth Program Coordinator. Pre pandemic, you would find me volunteering or sitting in and gaining information at different meetings. I believe in volunteerism as it has helped me gain experience in many different facets and sharing my time comes from our Hopi values of sumi’nangwa, nami’nungwa, and hita’nangwa. To gather and do things for the benefit of all, to help and do things without need for reward, and to do take care of things without having to be told knowing it will make a difference. These values guide me in my everyday life, and I continue to learn from family about our who we are as Hopi. I have one
daughter who I hope carries on these teachings to her daughter one day, as my mother, grandmother and family have taught me. I am thankful to be in this position and provide services for Walpi village members.

Maintenance Coordinator: Sahmie Lalo

Lolmai, nu’ Sahmie Lalo yan matsiwa. Nu’ Munganaq sino nu’ piw iswungwa. Itana yanq sino, pum pipwungwa noq piw tapwungwa. Hello good vibes to you all my name is Sahmie Lalo. I am from the village of Mungapi and I am coyote clan. My father is from Walpi and he is of the tobacco and rabbit clans. I was recently given the opportunity to work for The Village of Walpi as Maintenance. If you have any questions, please contact us. I look forward to working more with the community in the future. I do hope that all of you have a healthy and prosperous upcoming new year. Piy ovi uma ungqe pas yani. Lolmat uma umu qatsi wiyomiq’haqam yesni. Kwah’kwaii.

Project Coordinator: Jim Tawyesva LOLOMA, hello my name is Jim Tawyesva Jr. I am from the village of Hano (Tewa). My parents are the late Veralynn Honie (TAWYESVA) of Hano, Kookangwungwa, and Jim Tawyesva Sr. Aswungwa from Sichomovi. I have recently been hired by the Village of Walpi (VOW) as the Project Coordinator. I am very excited to be able to work for the people and Village of Walpi. I have recently moved back home permanently from New Mexico where I lived and worked for 20 years. I traveled back and forth to home as my parents and all my family were here as well as my traditions. While I was there, I worked for the Pueblo of Isleta Housing Authority (IPHA) as the Lead Maintenance Technician. I worked for the entity for 14 years and performed many tasks related to the Housing/ construction aspect. Worked to build homes from the ground up reading plans, rough ins, to installing heating cooling systems. I am excited to bring my knowledge to help the Village of Walpi (VOW) and I am looking forward to meeting all of you. We also have a good-looking labor force that will be working with us. I’ll be making monthly reports on the progress as time goes on. Thank you all for allowing me the honor of working for the Village of Walpi. (VOW). Many Kwakwais! Looking forward to seeing everyone around.

Laborers: Omaohoya Lomahoyoma, DoRon Silas, Gorman Howto, Keon Adams, and Jerry Johns

Office Receptionist: Maria Garcia
“Nu hapi Maria Garcia, nu hopi masi’wa Polimana. Nu Tuwa’wungwa from the Village of Walpi, although I currently reside at the Village of my children’s father at Second Mesa in Sipaulovi Village. I am the mother of seven children and 13 grandchildren. I love to read, listen to music and be in the outdoors. My previous work experience includes working for the Hopi Cultural Center Hotel as the Night Auditor, Unique Angelic Home Care as a Care Provider, KUYI Hopi Radio Station 88.1 F.M. as the Production Assistant and at
Ponsi Hall under TANF as a Tour Guide. I truly am so grateful for this opportunity to be out in the community once more and to be of service to the people.”

Head Security Guard: Hale Nahsonhoya

Contracted Security: Juwan Brown, Briar Huma, Jorey Qotswisiwma, and Jaden Nevayaktewa

Village of Walpi Board of Directors
Board Chairperson: Kevin Whitman
Board Vice Chairman: Alma Sinquah
Board Secretary: Braun Hayah
Board Member: Gary Hayah
Board Member: Beatrice “Renee” Ramirez

PO Box 922
Polacca, AZ 86042

(928) 737-9556

(928) 737-9558